Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Is Ras Myrhdak Promoting ORAL SEX among Rastafarians ? (Read here to find out)

 Is Ras Myrhdak Promoting  ORAL SEX among Rastafarians ?

 According to the Jamaica Star this he had to say.

Controversial reggae artiste Ras Myrhdak says foreigners are free to convert to Rastafari even if they have performed oral sex.

According to the artiste, who was defending Snoop Dogg's decision to join the Rastafari movement, Rastas should promote love without discrimination.
Ras Myrhdak expressed his opinion to the public via YouTube.
"Nuff man disrespect Snoop Lion, but dem fi know seh Rastafari is love and love has no limit nor barrier nor face. Snoop Dog dem grow up into a different system. They had people like Martin Luther King and Farrakhan yes," he said.
"But Martin Luther King and Farrakhan dem nuh grow up to the roots like Rasta wey sey thou shall not bow, thou shall not eat meat, thou shall not nyam vagina ... . nobody told them that it's wrong, so they see it as right because they grew up in that livity."
The artiste pointed out that Rastafarianism is not a religion and should not be treated as such.
"So if they (foreigners) see the light wey Rastafarian a show, we can't declare war. Religion is confusion and Rastafari is not a religion. The love of Rastafari don't come with fight, nor bun, nor to invoke physical violence against no human nor no race...Rastafari is love," he said.
"If he is speaking love and speaking positive, we endorse him. We have artistes like Papa San and Stitchie who seh Christianity. Who are we to reject Snoop Dogg when the almighty did not reject us? Any man under locks weh a talk bout bun Snopp, yuh wrong because love is love."
Ras Myrhdak also chastised some senior Rastafarians whom he believed were not assisting with the development of reggae music. The artiste gave props to Bounty Killer, stating that rasta artistes should follow his footsteps.
Groom artistes
"What happen to our big super reggae international stars? I don't see them helping to develop artistes. In Jamaica right now, if a youth a sing 'bout gangsta or girl dem know where to go, because Bounty Killer is there. He has the good heart and him wi buss dem. But where does Rastafarian children go? So much of our icons gone - like Alton Ellis and Gregory Isaacs. Suh mi a tell every Rasta artiste, groom some Rastafarian youth inna music," he said.
Ras Myrhdak is promoting a new single called Inna Di Business, as well as Big Dread, which is a diss to Fantan Mojah.

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