Sunday, February 28, 2010

Follow di arrow recap - kartel run again, killa flush gaza

Killa best performance inna while and him took the show, gwaan bad, the crowd a say the entire gaza dead, the man call up kartel who did a hide backstage with a bag a man, killa say any stage show him go him a call out kartel till him get a clash, mavado fcuk it up, starlight, gyal over gun, the man dem boo lisa hype who try diss killa, kick lisa hype get kick inna her batty and run her off stage , crowd walk out pon kartel, the man a try a peace treaty but killa nuh inna it, merciless is a fcuking clown, sizzla shell it down, madd anju gwaan, mavado deal with it wicked, the song with him and stacious biggest forward for the night, macka diamond got booo, queen paula got boo, kartel hide with police, the wau how killa deal with gaza I think its a shame to say gaza right now, poor kartel, nobody nuh left a gaza , the crowd walk out after alliance performance , mavado and stacious tune biggest forward, lisa hype go see a doctor, me know you cannot sit down for weeks now with the timbaland kick up you get, alliance ago hard no partiality, no singing singing singing, a flinging finging flinging, kartel lucky say the police dem nuff inna di crowd because di man dem load up a guiness bottle

How long kartel can hide, killa embarass the man a talk all type a shit, the man tell mavado to leave it to him fi deal with the gaza , this nah end fi now with killer and kartel, the way how killer did a work if kartel step on stage him dead, alliance a roll deeper than ever, warning issue out !!!! Anybody from gaza diss gulliance a get beaten straight, lisa a di first example, me nuh rate the kick inna batty she get still but she can't diss the general and get way, nuffy a hide her when the bottles dem a fling and the boo dem. Country ppl dem funny to walk out pon addi like that , the man can't hide too long, the crowd when dem see police a surround the stage fi kartel so killer couldn't come out, kartel you can't hide too long

After 4:30am, you miss it, alliance a roll with bout 200ppl, rhino a coward, mavado say starligh and worst di remix a play with drake inna di alliance van when dem a left and di crowd a rail up, me still feel bad for lisa hype, killa deh pon a real war thing, some man who did a roll with alliane a say shawn storm a di next one who ago get kick inna batty fi diss the general, kartel a roll with police, this ago get more than music, the man dem say 2010 order, any gaza man say any alliance name a beating, bwoy lisa hype was still determing to work after all dem shit, she just make one mistake, alliance to the world.


  1. dis site yah tuff wid de latest news

  2. they should not kick lisa ah idiot thing dat

  3. mi don`t like violence against women

  4. wow teacha dem ah style you suh?

  5. yo da site ya maad aliance meh seey

  6. the fact that u find it hilarious that lisa hype was assaulted is repulsive it seems u love man more than woman

  7. mi nuh condone dem things deh alliance should not meck timberland kick har

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