Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girl get`s bitter Valentine`s day present when she return home to see her popular Jamaica DJ engaging in freaky act at her house.

At least one girl got a Valentine shocker last  week when she came home unexpectedly to her to her apartment in upper St.Andrew to find her boyfriend a popular DJ indulging in a freaky sexual act. According to the girl, she walked in to find her boyfriend of two months performing perverted acts with a known erotic dancer from the corporate area. The female gave this reporter the drama after she said the DJ had dissed her and threatened her after they had an argument. She said she is still reeling from the shock of what she witnessed. She said she had told him she was going to St. Ann for a few days to look for her mother and would be returning for them to have a romantic Valentines Day. However, she decided to surprise him by returning home eartlier than expected and surprise him she did! "Mi put di key in di lock an open it an hear some sounds a come from the bedroom so mi tek time go look. Mi couldn't beleive it. The DJ bwoy lay dung pon di bed and di girl stan over him an her pum pum inna him mouth". She said she was so disgusted by the sight she became nauseated. "Dem a do golden shower inna me bed!", she exclaimed. Golden shower is a slang term used to describe the act of urinating on another person usually for sexual gratification or as a way of humiliation which is evidently  a popular practice in the Western world. "Mi shock. Mi caan believe all now a dat really happpen. mi neva expect dem ting deh from him. Mi lose affi him", she said. Asked what happened next she said, "Mi bus in an him jump up frighten. Mi couldn't react the way mi shock. Him grab up him tings an di girl leave". She said after coming to her senses and taking a drink of water she went back to the bedroom to the reality. "Suppose yuh si mi sheet and smell mi bed how it renk!", she exclaimed.She said after stripping it down and throwing away the bed linen the smell was still there so she eventually had to get rid of the mattress and buy a new one

She said he called two days later asking for forgiveness and begging her not to tell anyone, so she asked him for some money to pay for a college course she wanted to start later this year.

" Can you believe say the dj bwoy ah try style mi? Him ah say  mi a try blackmail him and him no deh pon that, him woulda rather meck him friends dem kick me up fe keep quiet than gimme a dollar. This dutty freaky Dl bwoy need fe know himself," she blasted.

The DJ in question was called by this reporter to comment on the issue.
He hung up when asked about the incident and subsequent calls kept going to the voice mail.

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  1. bwoy a so dem jamaercian dj stay bad
    dem worst dan the america dis joockey