Friday, February 26, 2010

Talk up Di Tings Dem by Ms.Wid Kimisha

Yea big up mi baby father , Jigga, ah me say yuh , and you say me, so way dem feel like? How some gal say dem man love them  and Valentine`s Day gone and dem nuh get no text, no phone call, not even a letter. Nothing. No man nuh wan dem , dem ah crosses and dem ting ah backfire like leyland some old leyland truck. Some gal need alum around here because dem tings miserable like dem life. Ah me Kimisha say so and mi nah tek back mi chat.

How milk ah ago so hard? Mi turn on mi radio last week Friday and hear har pon Fame ah talk up di tings dem,  Milk, Maffi tun yuh in a big star now,  and yuh selector and radio friend nuh stop beat up the song pon the air, all yuh need is a video now. Yuh can use money yuh mek offa yuh parties and shows dem fi funnel back inna yuh career.Dem caan stop yuh , yuh ting sort out.

Boy, LA Lewis, reaction ah tek yuh. Mr. G embarrass yuh outta Settlement and kill yuh little career and then the police dem tek whey yuh vehicle because yuh nuh have no registration and insurance. LA, all the bad tings and lie dem weh yuh talk up over the years ah ketch up wid yuh and the people fatigue ah yuh right now and a pree yuh hard. Change yuh life , repent and find Jesus or you days will be dark on the Earth Kimisha say so

How the war ah get so deep between Macka and Ikaya? Ikaya say Macka nuh stop  campaign pon har name from  wha day yah, pon TV and inna paper and all over. She upset say she ah call har no name artiste yet she say Macka did borrow har melody fi one of her songs dem wah day ya, so how she a no name? Mi feel say Macka just vex say Unicorn ah try draw har out and she say she ago dun him over Follow Di Arrow, but mi hear say Unicorn ah write up some dutty songs Ikaya fi expose the whole a Macka Business.

If Miss Kitty  is a top  freak or what ? Mi go pon Twitter last week  and read weh she write say she ah head to country and see two cows having oral sex. What a ting!

Which old time dancehall song ZJ liquid did a play  wid bad word inna it and get suspended from ZIP?

A  which DJ get ketch  a mek girl a pee inna him mouth ? What a piece a nastiness.
A Dat we  a gwaan wid a Jamdown now?

How mi never see Macka Diamond over Black Queen Cum Get Weh Party every Friday , and mi know say dem a friend long time? Wah happen to the Galliance. 

Why Susan switch from CVM TV?  Ah CVM buss har and she gone already.

Which man ah pay a next man fi sex him wife because him ting dead pon him? Him no hear ` bout Viagra? or ah just so him like it? How Jamaica get so freaky? 

Ah true say dem a go have a BIG, FAT ORGY inna June over some hotel inna Negril? Wah yuh say, fluffiness to the werlll!!! 

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