Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black-er comes to Macka's defence

Deejay Black-er is defending his friend, Macka Diamond, after Unicorn had disparaging things to say about the money goddess earlier this week.
As Macka Diamond and Unicorn plan to settle their disagreement at Follow Di Arrow tomorrow at James Bond Beach, Black-er has spoken out about comments made by Unicorn about Macka Diamond.
In Wednesday's STAR Unicorn called Macka 'ungrateful' saying: "So much people in the business try to help her and she turn roun' and backstab dem: Black-er, KipRich, some odda yute who used to write fi her ñ n Lady aw... o sh can com ah Follow Di Arrow com dad lik sparrow."
owr lackr, who collaboratd with Macka for th 2006 hit song Bun Him, told reporter that he and Macka are fine. He said: "Why him a try mash up me and Macka friendship? Him a damage it like she do me anything. Me and Macka were never bad. Macka is a good girl, she's been good to me. As far as I know Macka and KipRich never had any problems either."
wrong way
According to Black-er, Unicorn is an artiste/writer that he rates and believes the deejay went about the situation wrong. Macka Diamond and Unicorn last year collaborated on the popular song Think 'Bout Mi. According to Unicorn, he was getting far less money for the song than he should have got from Macka.
Black-er said: "Him shoulda wait till the song buss, when it pass Portmore toll and possibly go ova the seas, but him mek the hype get inna him head. To me the song coulda been a big song but Unicorn did need to give it time to manifest."
Now Unicorn and Macka are set to face off at Follow Di Arrow, but Black-er believes that may not be the right decision for Unicorn. He said: "firs' ting, if a me like Unicorn no man nuh suppose to clash wid a woman, nutten like that has been done and mi nuh tink di Jamaican people a guh like dat. Him fi tek advise and low dat, mek people know you and build your fan base."
In the meantime, Black-er says he has been busy in studio and fans can expect new material from him by next month. By May, Black-er says, fans can expect a new collaboration with Macka titled Sticky Situation.

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