Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Notnice has finally left the Portmore Empire.

After a rumoured assault and speculations that he had severed ties with Vybz Kartel, producer Notnice has finally left the Portmore Empire.
 The news was officially announced yesterday by the producer, whose real name is Ainsley Morris.

In a statement, he said: "Teacha alright, we just ah go our separate ways, him ah just Teacha. From February this year, him start put only Adidjaheim on his records, so mi know what that mean. Him diss me for reasons only known to him and mi caan wait. sit down and wait, fi him call me fi do work. Right now is May; my girlfriend is six months pregnant and mi have to be a man and tek care of my family."
In February, it was rumoured that there was a split between Notnice and Vybz Kartel after he was allegedly assaulted and his studio equipment removed from the house where he was working. It was also said that Vybz Kartel was behind the move. However, both parties were silent on the matter.
Yesterday, the producer confirmed that his equipment, $2 million worth, was, in fact, taken away.

"The man dem come ah mi yard and tek weh over $2 million worth of studio equipment, and a neva nuh man buy mi it, a mi buy dem miself," he said.
After that incident, he said Vybz Kartel contacted him in April to record a song called White Liver at the Shocking Vibes studio.

"Him call mi name a the front a the song, suh people maybe have it seh everything good, but everything nuh good. Him tell mi seh one thing him know inna life is every man deserve a second chance, suh mi nuh know if a himself him a refer to. Mi see a number of songs weh mi and him produce together put out pan iTunes, even music video a do and him just put Adidjaheim Records," he said.

As part of the Portmore Empire, Notnice did rhythms such as 'Remand', 'Toaster', 'England Town' and 'Gangster City'.
However, he has severed ties, claiming he is moving on and willing to do work with "anybody weh willing to work with me.

"It was a great experience working with him, I learned a lot, and I made a lot of hits, but right now, mi just have to keep moving forward," Notnice added.
On the weekend, it was disclosed that Jah Vinci had left the Portmore Empire and will be managed by Vybz Kartel's ex-business partner Corey Todd. Since then, Notnice produced a song with him called In My Life.
However, Notnice made it clear that he has not partnered with Todd.

He is the fifth person to leave the group, following artistes like Lisa Hype, Gaza Kim and Blak Ryno. The three have since changed their names to Lisa Hyper, Kym and Ryno.

Source; Jamaican star

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