Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wayne Marshall dedicated a song to his wife Tami Chynn after two years of marriage.

After just under two years of marriage, entertainer Wayne Marshall has dedicated a song to his wife and fellow artiste, Tami Chynn.

The song, Good Ole Wife, was released recently on the Matrimony rhythm for which Marshall is a co-producer.
Is long time I did have the idea. The response I been getting has been crazy. It is an outright dedication to marriage and commitment," he told .
Adding, "I decided that I was going to dedicate it to my good ole wifey. It's also a creative play on words depending on how you look at it."
According to Marshall, Chynn was also very pleased with the dedication.
"She loves it. From the time I was building it she busted out laughing. Who would not want a song dedicated to them? I also notice that it is getting a big response from the ladies," he said.
Marshall said the creative manner in which the song was written is a style that younger artistes should try to use.

"It is just creativity and creativity that the business needs. We need to encourage younger writers to push more creativity and get their points across without being too slack," he said, noting that the more mature listeners appreciate the song because it reminds them of a style reminiscent of that used by the Mighty Sparrow.
In addition to this being his first song about his wife, this is also the first rhythm that he has produced. The rhythm also has songs from Gyptian, Assassin, Lady Saw and Liquid. He said the rhythm will not have more than six songs, all relating to matrimony.

Marshall is also actively working on pushing his career with new songs like Swaggin' (WTF) that features Tifa and Fambo, Here We Go with Sean Paul, Captain, On The Alert with Bounty Killer, and Danger featuring Patexx and Good Friends. He said he will also be working on the music videos for Swaggin and Good Ole Wife in the near future.

"I am just getting a foot back in the front-line of the business. I am just working on a whole heap of singles," he told the star.

source: The Jamaican star

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