Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vybz Kartel Answers Shabba in New Song "Nuh More Dan Mi" 2011

 Popular deejay Vybz Kartel seems to be returning lyrical fire at Shabba Ranks after many speculated that the veteran's latest None of Dem song was taking lyrical aim at the Portmore Empire leader.

In None A Dem, Shabba takes aim at persons in the dancehall who have not respected the veterans who have inspired and motivated them. He explains that he has been in the business for 30 years and is still here. In the song he deejays, "How can you not rate who come before yuh/yuh a gwaan like a yuh come bout yah, come mek music big."


He also deejays, "None of dem nuh bad like Shabba Ranking/none of dem nuh tough like di Ranking/stop dat one deh and ask him/ if him nuh imitate di great Shabba Ranking/unnu can stop dat fool deh and ask him/if him nuh imitate di great Shabba Ranking/cause dem a brag and boast/and is a shame/an dem nuh add up to wha dem proclaim/wid dem likkle house, dem likkle car, dem likkle, chain dem likkle name."

Now, Vybz Kartel in his recently released Nuh More Dan Mi, he deejays in the song's intro, Hey bwoy doan pass yuh place/ nuh even look/ yuhcome a huff an puff like yuh evilous/ a bruk yuh bruk but in God mi trust/ mi nuh frighten fi people.

Lines such as: Yuh bright an yuh feisty mi set di trend/ mi nuh follow fashy monkey mi set di trend and Mi buss 2000, eleven year pass/ mhm bwoy get a hype how long dem ago last also seem to be in response to Shabba's stop dat one deh and ask him/ if him nuh imitate di great Shabba Ranking/ unnu can stop dat fool deh and ask him/ if him nuh imitate di great Shabba Ranking lyrics in None of Dem.
Kartel even goes further to deejay, Mr Badmind yuh nuh like how di gal dem a seh Addi a my time now/ yuh fi guh siddung yuh step up inna age now/ a gaza a gaza a run di stage now/ dis anuh 90s everything change round/ weh yu a guh wid yuh analog brains now/ me a di encyclopaedia an yuh caan touch a page yow/ move wid yuh chalk an yuh slate now.

Vybz Kartel recently raised eyebrows when he said that he would no longer be recording counteractions, war, gun, and 'badman' lyrics in his songs.

Efforts to reach Vybz Kartel for further comment on the issue were unsuccessful.

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