Saturday, May 28, 2011

The people them want Vybz Kartel cake soap bad! bad! Has it come it finish of the shelves.

Controversial deejay Vybz Kartel claims that the first batch of his cake soap was completely sold off within a few days of being released last Friday.

The deejay began limited distribution of the product after only publishing an advertisement in the weekend star
"Since we did the advert in the newspaper, the first batch, which was well over 2,000, has disappeared," the deejay said in an interview yesterday.

He said that they had advertised that the product would be on sale at locations in Kingston and Falmouth, Trelawny. However, according to the deejay the product which is manufactured in Falmouth didn't even get a chance to reach Kingston.
We didn't anticipate that the units would move so quickly," he said while explaining that the more than 2,000 units were sold off in Falmouth.
When the weekend star contacted one of the stores advertised as a sale point for the product, a representative confirmed that there was a demand for the product with quite a few customers entering the establishment requesting the product.
So now based on his analysis after observing the demand for the first batch of products, Kartel says he will now be manufacturing more soaps and increasing the awareness of the product.

"With the success of that single bit of advertisement, albeit not surprisingly so because after all it was THE WEEKEND STAR, we wanna go all out on radio and television," he said while pointing out that he is waiting on a few more equipment to aid in manufacturing more soaps to feed the demand.
The deejay, who claims that the product is of Bureau of Standards quality, said that in the future he is trying to corner the 'cake soap' market. "Coupled with the fact that I'm a celebrity I think I will pull off the job," he said.
In terms of export, Kartel said that he will be focusing on first establishing a national distribution network.

Source :The Weekends tar.

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