Saturday, July 30, 2011

Khago vs I-Octane who is telling the truth?

Khago called I-Octane a spy because I-Octane was in a three way telephone conversation with Khago and his manager, without Khago knowning that I-Octane was on the other line listening.

"A wah do Spy Octane? Mi nah go de pon no three way call wid man, ah gal ting dat. Every time him open him mouth, him reveal to the Jamaican people who he is. My advice to young artistes is to be wary of people wid dem kinda heart ya inna the music business...mankind no easy. Ah the Willie Lynch syndrome inna the business."

Octane is a two-faced liar, Khago said. He explained that he has no conflict with any of the producers that Octane mentioned during his interview on ER last night"How Octane ah call dem producer man name and dem anno friend? Him and Jam 2 no good, him and TJ no really good again. Memba, dem never voice me when I was around Octane, dem voice mi because Khago have a career and dem nah tek no talk from him. To Octane, mi a say stop tell people say me and yu a friend, me and yu doan good. Him say these things in music circles and mek, him set me up inna the business and then in front of the fans, yu a play hypocrite. Anybody can sing 'pants miss loop' and 'nah use money and buy man rose'...not even Ray Charles miss him front loop and him blind. Me and you was best friend and Jamaica never know, and yu set me up inna the music industry fi fail, and up to now, yu still ah tell lie, stop it yute."

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