Thursday, January 26, 2012

Follow-up on the saga Bridgez dropped for Gabriel?

Internet sites have been blowing up with news of a budding relationship between Bounty Killer and reggae artiste Gabriel, which has ultimately led to the exit of Bridgez from Alliance Next Generation.

According to the alleged rumours, Bounty Killer released Bridgez from the ANG camp to avoid a potential conflict due to a growing relationship between himself and Gabriel with whom he released a single last year.
However, when The STAR contacted Gabriel, the Lollipop singer sought to clear the air.
"People just love jump to conclusion, because wi duh a song but I am not going to stop flex with Bounty Killer, and even if we were together it would be our business and not that of the media," she said.
The singer believes that the alleged rumours are being propagated by jealous persons who aim to defame her character.

"I think some jealous person is behind this because it all started since we did the Lollipop song, some people just a pree jealously," she said.
She also commented on allegations that there are pictures depicting herself and Bounty Killer in compromising positions.

"We took some normal pictures at events and people are blowing it out of proportion saying that they look intimate. Killa nuh touch mi nor nothing, and the posture depicts nothing intimate. I don't even know where Bounty Killer live," she said.

Gabriel - Contributed
According to Gabriel, Bridgez leaving Alliance Next Generation had nothing to do with the relationship between herself and Bounty Killer.
"Bridgez leaving ANG has nothing to do with me, we have never met or talk, besides Bounty Killer sent out a broadcast to explain why Bridgez is out of the camp so why would persons want to get me twisted in that," she said.
The artiste disclosed that she and Bridgez are not in a conflict, and that Bounty Killer would not stand for any foolishness.
"I am just a young artiste trying to get myself out there, so please stop focusing on the negative," she said.

The STAR also spoke to Bridgez, who also agreed that persons love to blow things out of proportion.
"Me and Bounty Killer weren't dating, we have been friends for years. People just love talk and they don't know about my personal life because I am very discrete with it," she said.
"When Bounty Killer have you in his camp he will push you to the front, and some people just take it the wrong way but mouth mek fi talk," she said.

ANG manager Cross Cris in an interview with The STAR made rubbish of the claims of Bridgez's dismissal, as he says Bridgez is like family.
"Bridgez is like a sister, she is not in the immediate ANG anymore because she is being marketed as a solo artiste I don't know of any conflict between her and Gabriel. People need to listen to the good work that the Alliance/ANG is putting out and stop the gossip and there is no malice in the camp," he said.
Since Bridgez decided to leave the ANG earlier this year, there had been many speculations, this being the latest.

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