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Top Ten Best Vybz Kartel songs of all time

Despite facing potential trials and rulings that could greatly impact his legacy, internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel will still go down as one of the genre’s greatest entertainers. Whether you love him or hate him, you can't help but rate his music.

 Kartel's lyrical arsenal and savvy vocal abilities made him an icon over the last ten years; etching several classics in the minds of his fans worldwide. Whether he'll earn the chance to make more remains to be seen but with various chart-toppers attached to his name, Kartel's presence will forever resonate throughout Dancehall. Though a top ten for an artiste of this caliber seems mighty restrictive, even controversial, there were several number one hits Vybz Kartel produced that stood out more than others.

10. Tek Buddy:
In 2002, Kartel announced himself as a mainstream force with the release of the hard-hitting track, Tek Buddy. This no-holds barred lyrical display of sexual innuendos with mixed with clever pun placements won Kartel a lot of clout amongst fans and industry players alike.
Having done well on several local and international charts, Tek Buddy established a foundation for himself. Inadvertently, it also helped build the foundation of fellow Dancehall artiste, Macka Diamond, who recorded a worth counteraction, Tek Con which made her a household name in the industry also. In a way, Kartel's hype machine rubbed off on other stars from he stepped onto the scene.
9. Life Sweet:
Despite 2008 being the height of a very nasty feud between himself and Mavado, Vybz Kartel unleashed a more conscious side through the release of his single, Life Sweet. The single, encouraging people to embrace the simplicities of life won Kartel mass airplay, several top-ten slots and proved that Kartel was more than just a mean machine on the mic.
8. Never Love Another:
After dominating the charts with sexually charged and 'bad man' lyrics which made him feared and respected by his competitors, Kartel switched lanes in 2005 with Never Love Another. The single offered a softer, gentler side of "Di Teacha," melting the hearts of his female fans.
It also showcased Kartel's vocal abilities as he'd forever be renowned for having three different voices. The "melodic" Kartel who softly sang his heart out and elicited strong emotion, the "evilous" Kartel who sounded murderous with his deep, dark vocal delivery and the "ladies man" version, which displayed a more playful, mid-ranged tone.
7. Mama:
Another sensual hit, which attained chart-topping status was his single dedicated to mothers, simply titled Mama. This song explored the hardships and challenges which mothers endure on a daily basis; winning over various demographics with his soothing vocal delivery; driving home a message that fans and fellow artistes can relate to one way or another.

6. Benz Punany:
Remaking the 1993 hit song from relatively unknown veteran artiste, Grindsman, Kartel's Benz Punany once again boasted his ability to strategically place explicit lyrics mixed with catchy metaphors. Kartel earned number one status again with this song, proving that he was far from finished as a top level deejay.
Additionally, the single unleashed his highly-profiled S Class Mercedes Benz as the newly-proclaimed "Dancehall Hero" could now brag about his achievements without having to say much.
5. Pon De Floor (feat. Major Lazer):
Though meant as a playful collaboration and only featuring bits of the Portmore Empire leader, Kartel's combination with international beat makers, Major Lazer might be regarded as one of his greatest runs on the overseas market.
The single earned Kartel number one status on local and international charts while making him a feature on MTV. To date, Pon De Floor remains his most viewed single via YouTube, with well over 15 million views.
4. Sweet To The Belly:
Kartel scored a number one with the thought-provoking single, Sweet To Di Belly. Still regarded as one of Kartel's best "girl" songs, Sweet to the Belly proved his remarkable chemistry alongside prominent producer, Don Corleon as they both scored highly on the highly-regarded Egyptian Riddim. The duo made several notable hits including New Millenium (featuring Wayne Marshall), I Neva, Poor People Land amongst several others.
3. Summer Time:
After dancer turned deejay, Ding Dong forever etched his name in Dancehall folklore with his summer-themed hit, Holiday, many wondered if that would ever be replicated. However, Vybz Kartel’s Summer Time defied those critics; matching Ding Dong’s effort and, in some circles, surpassing it.
With number one status on several local and international Dancehall charts, features in ads for ATI and Red Stripe amongst other accolades, Summer Time brought life to the season while re-establishing himself as one of music’s most inventive artistes.
2. Ramping Shop:
Regarded as his most controversial song to date, Kartel's collaboration alongside Dancehall diva, Spice sparked interest, rumors of an alleged affair and a near lawsuit.
Ramping Shop earned several number ones and amassed a lot of street credibility with its raunchy, no-holds-barred lyrical content and racy promotional pictures and music video that accompanied it. Said promo pictures started rumors of sexual relations between the two deejays but perfectly portrayed visuals which built the song’s essence.
It also drew the eyre of the Broadcasting Commission, who temporarily banned the song as well as representatives of Grammy-winning R&B superstar, Ne-Yo, who contemplated suing Kartel over the use of the beat on the former artiste's Miss Independent. However, Ramping Shop's desired effect was achieved and remains one of the biggest songs to date amongst Dancehall sessions everywhere.
1. Clarks:
Rarely does a song regarding an inanimate object truly strike chords with an audience. However, Kartel’s ode to the popular British shoemaker, Clarks became an anthem for fashion buffs and shoe stores worldwide in 2010. With number one status achieved on Dancehall charts across the Caribbean, Europe and other regions, Clarks became his most acclaimed song on an international level. It also introduced to world to his protégé and later breakthrough superstar, Popcaan whose catch phrase "A weh yuh get dem new Clarks deh dawdie" rolled off of every person’s lips. Clarks even featured on the American dance show, So You Think You Can Dance.

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