Tuesday, January 3, 2012

18-year-old Ocho Rios High School female student commits sucide 2012

In the first reported case of suicide for the year, an 18-year-old Ocho Rios High School female student yesterday used her school tie to hang herself because of a failed relationship.

Dead is Melissa Miller of Race Course in Beecher Town, St Ann.
It is reported that about 1:10 p.m. yesterday, Miller's younger brother was on his way to a shop when, upon passing a tree nearby her yard, Miller called out to him.
He is said to have noticed her in the tree before she jumped.

"Mi love yuh, tell Dahlia mi a hang mi self," Miller reportedly said before jumping from the tree limb.
THE STAR understands that family members had noticed a change in Miller's behaviour after she received a call from her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, THE STAR understands that the family of the 18- year-old Grade 11 student will be receiving counselling.
The St Ann police are investigating

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