Thursday, July 19, 2012

NY Promoter says "Ah Yah Not Nice" and Wants His Money From Potential Kidd

NY, USA (Mpr Consulting/Shuzzr PR) - A breakthrough artist for 2012 Potential Kidd exploded on the scene with his dancehall hit "A Yah So Nice", the song took over the streets, airwaves, video charts and for a short lived time was used as a promotional song for telecommunications company LIME. Very much in demand, Potential Kidd hit the various stage shows, went on a promotional tour in the U.K and was eagerly awaited on The East Coast of the United States of America. Unfortunately to the disappointment of fans, the artist did not appear on the advertised show of July 14th, 2012 in New Jersey.
 The event slated as a Birthday Bask "Urgency" had Potential Kidd for it's main attraction and featured artist. The event came to pass without the artist present to entertain the crowd. The promoter having to deal with the fallout from the event and the anger from the crowd was left with only one explanation "No visa".
The promoter of the event Dwayne Grant took a lost for his event, and although he is left bitter, says he just wants some answers and his money back. He stated;
_”The situation is that back in April, I was introduced to Potential Kidd Management & booking. Theresa Small of Terri Booking Agency said they were the booking agency for the artiste Dwayne Taylor aka Potential Kidd. I spoke to Theresa and she told me nothing is guarantee until a deposit is made and quoted a fee of $3700USD to book the artiste."
"On the 27th of April I sent $1850usd via Western Union which she collected and followed up with introducing the Manager of the artiste name "Angeletta" and was informed that the deposit was paid. Weeks later I was informed that Potential Kidd will be traveling to Europe & England for several performance and at which I was assured that all documentation was in order for his performance her in the USA."
"Two months later I sent an additional $300USD for airfare as my event was July 14, 2012. Five days before the event I was told he didn't have the required travel documents nor permit to perform in the states but will be visiting the embassy. Check made by me proved other wise.
I tried speaking with Angeletta Mckenzie & she inform me that she will try and refund my money ,and that was the last i heard. I even spoke with Theresa (Booking Representative) and she inform me that Angeletta Mckenzie receive all the money and no one can get in contact with her until this day!!!!"_
"Again after several attempts to contact Potential Kidd Manager which failed she then contacted me and said that booking agent had given the money to the artiste and he didn't know it was mine which was an ridiculous excuse. I also managed to speak with Potential Kidd who said he hasn't received any money and that his management & booking may have pocketed the money."
"Potential Kidd manager after several conversations between the parties asked me to give them time to refund the money as the artiste is broke and after all this she will be quitting as his manager. Potential send me a voice note also and denies knowing anything event though he signed the contract... "
Although event promoter Dwayne Grant expressed his disappointment with the team for intentionally misrepresenting and misleading him, since Potential Kidd didn't possess the requisite documentation to travel or perform in the states. He only asks to recoup costs associated with booking the artiste be reimbursed. His attempts have proven futile thus far so he has retained a local based attorney to pursue the matter to the full extent of the law .
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