Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tiana Asks "Weh Di Party Deh"

The eternal summer question is asked by dancehall artist Tiana "Weh Di Party Deh"? There is an euphoria that comes with the summer season, and most people take this time to relax, enjoy life and hit the party scenes! Although the song resonates well with the summer, it very well applies to year long parties, and has all the musical components to become a classic played throughout the year.

Danielle Shand, better known as Tiana has had a busy year and from all accounts a busier more months to come. It seems as if the artist who burst onto the scene in 2009 with her single "I Won't" produced by her manager, Carlington Wilmot (OutARoad), has found the formula to connect with her fans on a deeper level. Such an example is the single "I Won't" addressed issues of domestic violence & was recorded following the notorious incident involving R&B/pop superstars, Chris Brown & Rihanna. Tiana has since been non stop in studio releasing hits after hits and to the delight of her fans some videos (check out her latest video "Dem A Bawl" below).
Tiana who has been dubbed "The princess of dancehall" names her musical inspirations to include Rihanna, Beenie Man, Lady Saw and Lady Gaga. She attributes her success in the male dominated arena to working twice as hard, staying focus, believe in what you are doing and most importantly having a good team and management, a nod to her manager Carlington Wilmot who has been a friend, mentor, family and guide.
Tomorrow not being promised for anyone, Tiana reflects on her goals, and boldly states "I see myself being one of or if not the first female artiste(s) to close Sting or Sumfest."
Tiana "Weh Di Party Deh" is available on itunes
Click and watch Tiana's latest video "Dem A Bawl"

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