Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bounty Killer Kick Chase Cross Out Alliance

An inside source in the Gully told Urban Islandz that some members are moving to distance themselves, while others are fearful about their careers.

“We say Gully all the way, but we also say unity all the way,” the source said, requesting anonymity. “Some of us are disappointed in both Killer and Mavado for allowing things to get out of hand, the whole of us use to be one and now everywhere we go people asking us whats going. Not everyone inside the Gully support what Chase did, but he speaks for himself.”

The source, who is an upcoming dancehall star, said some members might leave the group and try their own solo careers if things get too far.

“Am not saying anyone will leave Gully and go in Alliance or anyone will leave Alliance for the Gully, but the tension is taking a tole on some of us careers so don’t be surprise if you see members go on their own,” he told Urban Islandz in an email.

“The fans don’t like what is going on so if the leaders can find a way to deal with the situation before it become another Gully Gaza type feud it would help us as upcoming artists.”
Another Gullyside member, Flexx, also is staying clear of the Gully Alliance war.

“I say Alliance and Gullyside, but a lot of things need to be addressed, Mi naah diss Bounty Killer, I don’t see the need to do that,” he told the Star. “Di youth dem fi know seh dem fi stop call up people name and find a career, mi nuh inna nuh war ting, a music an mi career mi sey and mi naah mek dem stray mi meditation.”


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