Monday, August 29, 2011

L.A. Lewis wants to run for MP

Self-proclaimed '7 Star' general L.A. Lewis, says that he is offering himself to serve Jamaica as the next MP for West Kingston.

According to Lewis, he has already submitted his letter to the general secretary, and he is now awaiting confirmation of his candidacy.

"I would run for Tivoli seat, I sent my letter to the general secretary and he is basically going through it now to see what his recommendation will be," he said.
According to L.A. Lewis, the reason for offering his service is because people have been putting his brand on their Facebook status, saying L.A. Lewis for member of parliament.
"They love me in Tivoli and it's a place I love like my family, plus my fans have spoken," he said.
L.A. Lewis also said that the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), gave him a push-start when they alleged that he was spray painting his name on the walls across Kingston.
"My fans and supporters spray up my name that they want to vote for me. I am a businessman that wears $50,000 clothes, plus my clothes are white, so how can I paint a wall, I'm much more classy than that ... I would erect a billboard," he said.
The entertainer says that PNP and JLP have always been on the walls and nobody has ever got charged until his name was mentioned, therefore he will run for the seat because it must be his calling.
"They know my potential, I have sponsors from overseas and local that express that they want to sponsor mi campaign already, because they saw the news," 

Lewis has even outlined some of the plans in his manifesto.
"The road a West Kingston waah fix, and I want to start back the voucher for elderly persons who caan work. Youth who caan afford school uniform would get school clothes and the cripple will get stipend," he said.

The potential MP also says that he would build an institution for the homeless and teach them skills so that they can contribute to society.
"Every zinc fence wudda tear dung and mek concrete wall, because police tink sey a tegeh reg place when it have one bag a zinc," he said.
According to Lewis, "I am an artiste that makes the impossible possible, a mi first become a global superstar without a song pon di radio, so, of course, I can be the next MP," he said confidently.

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