Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seperation Inside The Gully Over War With Alliance

The biggest surprise in dancehall this year is the feud between the Alliance and it’s sub group Gullyside lead by Mavado.

Members of the Gullyside, particularly Chase Cross, blame Alliance head Bounty Killer for initiating the feud after the untimely death of Mavado’s friend Connie Edwards at his birthday bash in May. Allegations are that, Bounty Killer blame Mavado and his Gullyside entourage for disrupting his party and thus showed no signs of remorse for the slain Edwards.

Chase Cross drew first blood after a diss track he recorded leaked online earlier this month, prompting a response from the Warlord. The feud is now spiraling out of control resulting in a division among Gullyside members who does not want to beef with Bounty Killer or the Alliance.


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