Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brick and Lace still 'In Love with the Music'

Always working, sometimes under the radar but never off the radar, Jamaican international recording artistes, Brick and Lace have resurfaced to the delight of their fans.

After months on hiatus to regroup and diversify their musical interests, Brick and Lace are now debuting their latest video, In Love With The Music, produced by top French DJ's, Golden Crew. The creative chemistry between the ladies and these talented music spinners is golden indeed and has generated this uptempo, Euro Dance/Reggae infusedsingle which is currently getting heavy rotation on Trace TV, MTV and Africa at large via South Africa's Channel O.

talented songwriters
Brick and Lace, comprised of sisters Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne, are also talented songwriters who compose all of their music. This skill set has been strengthened since teaming up with their sisters, Tasha and Candace to form the songwriting company, Bloodline.

Also strong writers, Tasha is a foundation member of Brick and Lace and Candace, the youngest sister, a vocalist herself, bring their own dynamism to the venture.

Bloodline celebrated its first major placement with Say Yes, a favourite single on 'Killer Love', the latest album for Nicole Scherzinger, former lead singer of Pussycat Dolls. Working on their own music as Brick and Lace, the Bloodline team has been working steadily for placements of their music for hits with other artistes.
As a first for the sisters, Bloodline has recorded their soon-to-be released single, This Time. Through years of 'sisterhood', the Bloodline vocal synergy, in collaboration with mega-dance label Spinnin Records, has created this very energetic, hot dancing single.Also noteworthy, Nyanda, the sing-jay for Brick and Lace, produced her own mega hit with the birth of her daughter, a sell-off favourite on their family chart.

As Brick and Lace and Bloodline, they look forward to the wonderful support and camaraderie of their fans as they continue to make great music - ever holding the Jamaican brand up for the entire world to see and marvel. All in all, it seems the Brick and Lace hiatus was actually a very productive and creative one.

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