Monday, August 27, 2012

Corey Todd Cheat on his Wife here is the proof (Pictures)

Business Man and artiste manager Corey Todd admitted to cheating on his wife Shemara Todd during her pregnancy.

The woman Todd cheated with is a young woman who is alleged to be a vagina vendor (meaning she sells da pussy online). Reports are that the young woman fell in love with Corey Todd as a result of the fuck and despite Todd's attempts to end the relationship the woman remained determined to either win over Todd's heart or end his relationship in the process.

Todd recently vented his anger via twitter where he described the woman as a whore and admitted to cheating with her only because he wanted to fuck, the business man also said that women who fuck with married men must be reminded that such men will not leave their wives and children because of strong family commitment.


"ladies if u know a man is married and u fuck him he is not leaving his wife and kids you take your fuck or whatever else he gives you and move on," Todd said.


 Shemara Todd also joined into the mix-up and proceeded to upload naked pictures of the woman and hurling verbal insults.

"Dont fuck around me I will expose you," she said via her facebook page.

After much drama on lady Todd's page she deleted the pictures and even removed her profile picture which displayed herself and Corey Todd standing in an intimate position.

Here are some of the pics:

 Picture Below of Mrs Todd

Corey Todd Below:


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