Friday, August 3, 2012

SneakPeeq - Facebook Connect

Sneakpeeeq is a shopping game, where the prices are so good (low!) they have to hide them! Play the simple game to discover personalized savings—and even lower your prices! When you see something you like,

Click the “peeq” button to flip the price tag around. If you like it, click the buy button. If you need friendlyadvice, share the item with a facebook friend and get some instant feedback. Sharing is a great way to suggest a “wonderful find” to a friend. Every player gets 20 peeqs per day and unlimited shares—you can earn more discounts and extra peeqs by checking out sneakpeeq everyday. Rule #1: the more you peeq and share, the more discounts you earn. With sneakpeeq, the savings are endless!

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