Monday, August 27, 2012

Photos: Dancehall Artist Chino Leaked Pictures Of Girlfriend Giving Him Head?

Day by day, sex freaks are becoming prominent in Jamaica, and the music industry is definitely boosting their ego, tracks by tracks.

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Rumors have it in streets that Chino McGregor (Freddie McGregor's son) was recently featured on the infamous 'Jamaican Girls Exposed' website.

People are already saying that the pictures are consist of the entertainer and his ex girlfriend named Rosie giving him 'head' while other are saying it looks much like Yendi Phillips, his to be baby-mother/Miss Jamaica.
The pictures said to be the artist were uploaded hours ago, however, they were quickly removed minutes after their upload.
For us; it definitely doesn't look like Yendi Phillips, however, the male does has a slight resemblance of Chino.

While many are speculating that the male in the picture looks like Dancehall artist Konshens, it's still not confirmed if the images are actually Chino or/and Yendi Phillips.
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