Saturday, June 4, 2011

Biography of Assassin A.K.A Agent Sasco 2011

Easily one of the best deejays to have emerged in the Dancehall game in the last decade, Assassin a.k.a Agent Sasco is known as a bonafide hit maker in the dancehall community. He has spent many years of hard work and sacrifice building his reputation and brand as an artiste, always doing so with a great level of integrity and professionalism.

He is known for an armada of hits such as No Boring Gal, Idiot Ting Dat, Jah Guide and Protect and Wha Do Dem Guy Deh. He has taken the approach of building a solid catalogue, based on the importance of the message and composition, to ensure a lifelong musical career.

Assassin attended the Camperdown High School, where he excelled in the arts up to the sixth form level.
Known for his brilliant wordplay, clever phrases and slangs, he emerged on the dancehall scene as a protégé of Spragga Benz.

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