Friday, June 17, 2011

Dem try fi assassinate me' - Says Mavado about Quad nightclub shooting


Dancehall artiste Mavado has finally spoken out about the recent incident at a nightclub in New Kingston and claims it was merely an attempt to assassinate him.

In a YouTube video that is more than 14 minutes long, Mavado spoke openly about the incident that occurred at Bounty Killer's birthday party held at a popular nightclub in New Kingston on Sunday.

He explained that he was there with his babymother, sister, his friend and about four other people. "That's not an entourage, that's about nine people," he said, disputing earlier media reports which he said were attempts to tarnish his career.

"Mi go (the club), mi and mi fren, and some man just try fi assassinate mi inna di club. Just as mi a go through dem security check, everybody go through and get search and go in. Wi ago go through a next gate and some man weh no have on no police clothes, no police vest, no security vest, nothing fi identify seh dem work at the club," he said, sipping his liquor at intervals.

He added: "How mi ago go a Killa party and try mash up Killa party? Killa a mi doops, Killa a mi general. Every man a show dem armband. A man try block off mi fren and a seh him caan come in and mi tell dem seh a mi and him a par. Mi hold on pon mi fren hand and a man just elbow mi inna mi face and just pop off a gun fi kill mi inna di party right deh so weh everybody deh. One spin mi fren spin round, di man shoot. Di man deh infront a mi so dat mean seh a me yuh a try shoot."

On Monday, Mavado was charged with assault and given $30,000 station bail while fellow deejay Bounty Killer was questioned and released. This was after both of deejays were named as persons of interest and asked to report to the Half-Way Tree Police Station.

During initial checks with the police, it was said that a member of Mavado's entourage was involved in an altercation with an off duty police officer on the steps of the nightclub in New Kingston. It is alleged that the officer was slapped in the face after which the man was shot.


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