Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tanto Blacks' dance stolen? - Shelly Belly denies claim 2011

Former Magnum Kings and Queens contestant Tanto Blacks is claiming that his signature dance has been stolen by Shelly Belly and called 'Cowfoot'.

Speaking with the star yesterday, Tanto Blacks said he was upset.
"I have a dance name 'Tanto Dance' and mi get fi understand seh it name Cowfoot. Mi prefer dem did name mi dance Twitter or Bluetooth," he said.

"A it mi see dem a campaign pon TV and seh it name Cowfoot. Cowfoot is a ting wey mi love and mi don't feel fi eat it."
Tanto said he is sure that the Cowfoot dance is definitely his.
"A definitely my dance 'cause a me alone have dance weh my foot dem inna di air and mi hands dem a wave and everybody know seh a my dance. Dem put all likkle wine wid it but the whole world know seh a Tanto Dance. Dem mek mi head hurt mi," he told the star

Tanto said he has recorded a song about the incident and plans to release it within a few days.
However, when contacted, Shelly Belly was left in shock by Tanto's claims.
"Nobody neva see Tanto a do Cowfoot yet. No Tanto Blacks, dis a news to mi ears. Weh Tanto Blacks a come wid? Tanto a nuh dancer. Him kick out him foot and shake him finger and seh Twitter but this a nuh Tanto Dance," he said.
oldest dancer

"I nah try fi diss no artiste. I dance to everybody song. A 12 years now mi a dance, Shelly Belly a di oldest dancer. When me fi get mi real highlight, Tanto ago come wid dis? Mi tek mi ting serious."
Meanwhile, Shelly Belly says the Cowfoot song that was done by Macka Diamond is helping with the promotion of the dance.

"Mi a get a highlight. It's a good look right now. Macka deh a farrin and mi a gwaan do di good work. Right now mi don't inna no passa passa wid nobody. Tanto neva need fi mek it go deh so," he said, noting that he will be going to England next month.

Source Jamaica Star

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