Monday, June 13, 2011

Member of SingJay Mavado’s entourage shot during scuffle with police 2011

A man, said to be a member of dancehall artiste Mavado's entourage, is now in hospital in serious condition after being allegedly shot by a policeman.

This follows an incident outside a nightclub in New Kingston early Monday morning [June 13].

RJR News understands that the incident took place following a birthday party for another DJ at the popular club.

It is understood that the man was shot during an altercation between Mavado and a policeman outside the nightclub.

It is reported that the policeman was attempting to search the entertainer during an incident outside the nightclub when he resisted.

It is alleged that during a scuffle between the artiste and the policeman, the lawman was hit in the face several times.

The policeman reportedly fired a shot which struck a man said to be a part of Mavado's entourage.

The man, who was shot in the head, was rushed to hospital where doctors are now trying to save his life.

A police team which rushed to the scene seized Mavado's motor vehicle, but the artiste left the area in another vehicle.

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