Friday, June 17, 2011

Jah Vinci, Notnice enjoy increased opportunities-More shows since leaving Empire

Since leaving the Portmore Empire, Jah Vinci and Notnice say new opportunities have surfaced and they have been getting a lot of support from the music industry and fans.

Jah Vinci, who made his exit shortly after Corey Todd's split with Vybz Kartel, said he has been receiving a lot of support from people in the music industry since his much publicised departure from the group recently.
"Fi mi a more supporter 'cause everybody a seh good move. The entire music industry a big mi up. Dem seh mi will go far because of leaving," Jah Vinci told the star.
He said some of them have even suggested that they work together.

focus on work
"Anything is possible because mi free but mi a gwaan focus pon my work and build my career," he said.
Since his departure, Jah Vinci said he has been getting numerous show dates as well. He said he has been booked for seven shows in England and four in Italy for July. In addition, he says there are shows lined up for Guyana, Trinidad and St Vincent. He said there have also been calls from Japan and Africa.
With all of these new developments, Jah Vinci says he is pleased.

"Mi feel better, mi feel free, mi feel relieved. Mi a get fi voice songs weh mi did always waan fi voice and dem seh a foolishness. Mi songs a get mixed faster and mi a get a whole heap a airplay. Everybody a seh a good move and dem willing fi work wid mi," he told THE STAR, noting that he plans to do a music video for In My Life and he has also released songs like Mama Love and Please Don't Cry.
booking prices

Jah Vinci added that overseas promoters have also expressed relief. He said many of them complained that his previous booking prices were "ridiculous".
He also thanked his fans for their continued support.
"Mi waan big up mi fans. Everybody stick with mi and mi really respect and rate that. Mi really a get good support from them," Jah Vinci said.

Meanwhile, Notnice says he has also been getting calls from numerous persons willing to now work with him.
"Mi nuh get one person a seh nutten bad. Even some a di diehard Gaza fans a seh a long time yuh fi lef deh so. Mi start get more calls from music people wanting to work," he said.

However, Notnice was rather tight-lipped about some of these upcoming projects.
"Mi have some new songs with Jah Vinci. When di rhythm dem drop, di world nah go eva be di same," he said laughing.

Source:Jamaican star

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