Friday, June 17, 2011

No diss to Kartel, Beenie - Mi jus freestyle and set dem straight, says Sizzla

 Dancehall artiste Sizzla recently released two controversial songs on popular social network site,

The two singles, dubbed 50 Calibah and Diss Rasta, discussed issues of skin bleaching, tongue piercing and the title of 'dancehall king'.
lashed out

In 50 Calibah, it is alleged that Sizzla lashed out against a popular dancehall artiste, where he accuses him of bleaching and tongue - piercing.

In the song he says, 'Bwoy money cyaan save yu from yu sin, cannot tell man bout fi bleach dem skin ... thought you were a gangsta you're a ..., tell man fi bore tongue bwoy a wah dat."
Sizzla also hinted at Kartel's latest response to Shabba saying 'tell dem ano Shabba this,' he belted out in classical Sizzla style.

In the other freestyle, Diss Rasta, Sizzla takes on Beenie Man where he questions Beenie Man's capacity as King of the Dancehall. He deejays: 'Sey him a King fi Dancehall a gonna tek wey the crown cuz him walk and ... pure ... round town... Sey him a Moses him naah gi di gal dem him rod.'The song is said to be a response to Beenie Man's latest single produced by Seanizzle called Nah Talk too Long where Beenie Man says,'Mi nuh fraid a bald head nor Ras inna Turban'.

When contacted by THE WEEKEND STAR however, Sizzla said the songs were not diss songs, and were only done to straighten out some individuals, letting them know that popularity is not an excuse to lead people astray.

"Not because you are of great popularity and fame doesn't mean that you should disrespect your elders and our culture, and those who laid the foundation for us," he said.
Sizzla also expressed that if an individual wants to take it up and respond, it does not concern him.

lyrical confrontation
"It all depends, I'm not afraid of any lyrical confrontation, why should I be," He said. He further stated that as a black man who sang songs like Black Woman and Child, it gives him the authority to sing about issues that are against the norm of black morality and culture.

"To me, music is a joy suh mi jus freestyle and set dem straight, it's their business if dem vex, so excuse me I'm just setting you people straight," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Sizzla is currently preparing for an African tour to promote of his latest studio album The Scriptures pt. 1, produced by John John. The album will be available in stores on June 21.


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