Friday, June 3, 2011


There was the RTI weekend and ATI, now make way for Lesbian Temptation Isle (LTI). A new party series catering to lesbians is being planned in Montego Bay, St James, at the end of this month.

Scheduled to take place from June 30 to July 3, LTI will be held in Ironshore, Montego Bay. The weekend is being advertised on popular social networking site as, "The biggest lesbian party weekend ever!" and "It's not just a party. It's a lifestyle."

According to the weekend's Facebook page, which was founded last year, LTI will have four parties over two days. The parties include: 'Ocean Temptation (Under The Influence)', 'Lost Planet (Extreme Conditions)', 'Lez Glow (All-White)' and 'Master and Mistress (Dominatrix Affair)'. The season band, which includes entry to all four parties, is $8,000 with each party being $2,500. VIP bands are $13,000. According to the group's page, there are 300 season bands available, and 100 bands per individual party.

The site, since its inception, has 550 'likes' on Facebook and has a 'secret' group where persons can join and learn more about the event. When THE WEEKEND STAR called the numbers advertised on the page, the group and weekend were described as being extremely private.
bands going fast
Sales for the party are seemingly going fast, as seen by a comment from the organiser on the page which said: "I never knew the season bands would have been going so fast, thanx for the support people. Bands start selling on June 1, you can call to reserve like everyone else. We courier every armband to the respective buyer. Thanx again, this weekend will be hotttt!!"
Persons have been commenting on the page saying, "This is going to be awesome' am loving this page so far and as for the party' I can't wait for it to really happen. Straight people have ATI, I think it's full time the gay community has something for ourselves where we don't have to worry about men looking us or putting argument to us. We can actually be around friends who we share a common interest in; FEMALES! I am so digging this event and its page/profile."

Another person added: "Yep, dis party can't miss me and wifey, you said it all, so need I say more?"
The privacy of the event is emphasised on the page, which states: "An invitation will be sent to persons with a security code once you've purchased your armband. The invitation will be used to collect your armband on the day of the event. Please be advised that this is to ensure that only persons within our community are attending this event."

A special guest celebrity appearance is also being hinted to take place on the final night of the event. There will also be a Sexiest Stud and Sexiest Femme competition.

Source: Jamaica Star

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