Friday, June 8, 2012

Christopher Dudus Coke sentencing this morning

After several postponements, convicted Jamaican crime boss and former Tivoli Gardens strongman Christopher 'Dudus' Coke is expected in a matter of  hours to be sentenced in the United States.

Coke is facing 23 years behind bars on racketeering and conspiracy charges.
The sentencing proceedings is set for 8:40 local time.  This is the fourth sentencing being scheduled following postponements in December, February and March and will take place at the US District Court in Manhattan with presiding judge Justice Dave Patterson.

Coke was charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and to illegally traffic firearms, after US prosecutors accused him of leading an international criminal organization which sold marijuana and crack/cocaine in the New York area and elsewhere.
The prosecutors also claim that Coke and his co-conspirators ran his network with illegally trafficked firearms.  Christopher Coke was also named by the US Department of Justice on its list of most dangerous narcotic kingpins, and that is why they are seeking the maximum sentence of 23 years.

Coke in a letter to Justice Patterson pleaded for leniency, citing that his constitutional rights were breached and listing his many deeds for his West Kingston community.  But the prosecutor sought to counter this claim with 3 witnesses that painted Coke and practices in a less than favourable light.

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