Friday, June 15, 2012

Sizzla burns Rasta impostors - Khago says Sizzla has lost his way

Reggae/dancehall musician Sizzla Kalonji has launched a musical onslaught against several dancehall acts in his recent Hurry Come Up song.
In the song, he speaks of recent happenings in the dancehall which he did not approve of.

 He tackles the Nah Sell Out deejay Khago in the song's first verse with:

'Come a tell di ghetto yutes seh him anuh rasta/ After yuh trick di yutes dem impostor/ Weh di judgement yuh guh grow yuh locks fa/ Di money an di bling an young gal distract yuh/... Bout yuh waan threesome inna di blue movie show/ Have two gal an a suck off di next one toe.'
In May, the dreadlocked Khago dropped a bombshell on the dancehall by stating that he never said he was a Rastarfarian.

Sizzla also went on to address the once dreadlocked, Natural Black who reportedly cut his locks after realising he was living an unbalanced life, which also prevented him from doing hardcore dancehall music.
"Di next one cut him locks bout him gone a dancehall/ Nuh waan Rasta blessing see di vanity and want all/ A gallivant but wait til yuh start fall/ A straight up a Rasta him aguh run an start bawl," Sizzla deejays.

He even makes what appears to be reference to Beenie Man's recent comments about the gay community with: Next one guh bow an a mess up mi culture/ Apologise to who yuh worse than a vulture/ Bun babylon dem coulda big like monster/ Mi nah bow dung just fi get nuh sponsor.
Shortly after the release of Sizzla's song, Khago took to the studio to voice his counteraction titled Nutten.

In his song, Khago deejays:
'Mi will send a bad gyal come a judgement yard come shell every pig and dog.../ Dem a try get back them visa like a me name US Embassy/It better you go trim you locks or go raise some hogs/You come a cuss like you name Mumma Lashy.'

In speaking with the weekend star, Khago stated that he expected Sizzla, as a veteran artiste in the industry, to take up his phone and call him about the song instead of doing a recording.
"Wha hurt me a when mi hear big Rasta whe lose fi him way inna music how long a do dis song. Mi do a collab wid him two years ago and him nuh put it out, him never buss a yute round ya," Khago said.
He went on to say that if Sizzla wanted a war, then he would get a suicide war.
"Mi will strap on a bomb round me neck and drive mi car inna Sizzla Chevrolet. If Sizzla box me, mi a call the media fi come a di clock a Half Way Tree cause mi a cut off mi locks. Him fi just keep it musical cause a him fuss diss me," Khago told the star.

With the release of Khago's counteraction, Sizzla followed up with a second song titled Dash Whe Di Boy.
According to a member of Sizzla's team, "Khago did a collab with Sizzla, but it wasn't for us, it was for Daseca. They however, didn't like Khago's part of the song and took him off it. A music we say. We nah deal wid no violence. Khago a deal wid it the wrong way. Sizzla have over 68 albums, Khago don't even have half of an album. Him just a look a hype. Him just waan say him go up against a great in the business."
The source went on to say that Khago was sending the wrong message and even went as far as to disrespect their engineer.

"We nah push no violence still. We just a bun a little fire and do a little ting cause we a Rasta and we haffi defend Rasta. If Khago want a musical war then we will clash him pon a stage show because he's no competition," the source from Sizzla's camp said.
"Khago made some derogatory speech towards Sizzla and him hear it back. Khago a bring down enemy pon himself. Sizzla nah even look pon him cause him nah drop him standard. A music we say, so if anything do him, we nuh response fi him," the source said.
Khago stated that he did not appreciate people taking him for a 'weak fence' because he is from the country.
"Mi a big up every true Rasta man but mi bun every reggae dread," Khago said.

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