Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gaza slim released a statement counteracting Popcaan's words.

Gaza Slim, in her release, stated that the release put out by Popcaan "is nothing but lies in an attempt at keeping the support of Gaza fans, and by Gaza, I mean Kartel because he is Gaza".
Slim went on to say that although Kartel had invested his time and money into Popcaan's career, following his incarceration, Popcaan immediately sought bookings from elsewhere.

 "When the boss was arrested he was held at a small jail where anyone could have visited. I know because I did. Popi didn't visit because a certain producer told him to 'stay far from Kartel, him nah see back road'. In his statement, Popcaan said that he and Kartel spoke through letters. I see the Boss in court regularly, so I know that's a lie," she said.

"Stop the lies. You and I know that World boss nuh want nothing from you cause dem man deh full a pride, an him pay all a we lawyer fee. The reverse psychology that you're using to try look decent, a Kartel teach you that. So don't try use it on his fans, because I was there when the white man asked you if you were going to visit Kartel and you said 'Why me haffi go?'," Gaza Slim's release said.

Popcaan also addressed the issue of his not visiting the Gaza World boss since his incarceration. Popcaan said he made several inquiries to law enforcement officials about visitation, but to no avail. He also stated that Vybz Kartel himself advised against such communication.

"Vybz Kartel communicated through letters that I should focus on my career and stay away from the police. All our communication has been focused on updates on my career, my song releases and stage shows and general discussions as one would expect in the present situation. Up until May 2012, when the Portmore Empire was dissolved, we maintained a business relationship," Popcaan said.
He also pointed out that members of his family have been subjected to death threats, but that he will remain focused on his career and his music.

"I have never said and will never say I am not a part of Gaza. Gaza is my original home and foundation and I will always remain loyal to the Gaza," he said.
Since the release of Popcaan's statement, another member of the Gaza has released a statement counteracting Popcaan's words
 Source:The star

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