Thursday, June 7, 2012

Deva Bratt Arrested On Another Sex Charge!

 Dancehall artist Deva Bratt is again involved in another sexual offense charge.
Bratt, whose real name is Sheldon Smith, was arrested last week and charged with indecent assault and assault occasioning bodily harm of two females.

According to reports, the artist took the two females to his home last week, where he made sexual advances to them. The females, however, shut him down and as a result they were both assaulted. One female was reported punched in the face and suffered bruises in her face. While the other complained that the deejay tried to push his hand in her pants.

Both ladies filed a police report at the Bridgeport police station.

Deva Bratt is schedule to appear in the Spanish Town RM Court on June 12 to answer the charges.
Deva Bratt was freed of a charge of carnal abuse in November last year, following an incident in 2008 involving a minor. The deejay’s camp is expected to release a statement some time soon, addressing the incident. Source:

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