Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Deva Bratt says he was set-up by the ladies

Dancehall artiste Deva Bratt has denied allegations that he was involved in a physical altercation with two females in Portmore recently, which led to him being arrested by the police.
According to the controversial dancehall artiste, the report made against him was false and highly exaggerated.

"The whole thing was a misunderstanding, and I was framed. The information was blown out of proportion," Deva Bratt said.

According to the artiste, he and the complainant in question are close friends. However, due to an argument they were both involved in, she decided to get back at him by reporting the matter to the police.

"Me and the girl are friends, a just vexation cause the friction and jealousy, but me and dem good. I was not involved in no fight with nobody. The words I said were hurtful so in order to get back at me, she went to the police," Deva Bratt said.

The artiste also disclosed that he learnt a valuable lesson in light of his current dilemma.
"Yu see in life the devil can step in a situation and let things get out of context, and now I know that," he said.
The artiste has so far recorded two songs making reference to the situation, one titled Consider Mi, produced by Nothing To Something Records.

Deva Bratt says the song is unreleased, but speaks of the misinformation that was spread against his name. The other song is called Give It To You and delves into the actual controversy as the artiste aims to clear his name.

At the time of his arrest, Deva Bratt was expected to embark on his European tour, and had to postpone shows in Belgium and Amsterdam.

"Missing two shows plus paying a lawyer is over a $1million in loss plus I missed my flight which was already booked. I felt it in my pocket but God nah give a man more than what him can handle. I am more focused on my music and people can just look out for more because no publicity is bad publicity," he continued.
"My apologies to my fans and the people who are disgusted by the rumours. I am not a womaniser nor am I an abuser of women, we live and we learn, and you are never too big to learn," he concluded.
The artiste is scheduled to leave the island for performances in Amsterdam and Switzerland shortly, and is expected to return just in time for his court date on August 14, to answer to charges of indecent assault.

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