Friday, June 15, 2012

Out Now: FESTIVILLE 2012 - Reggaeville Festival Guide

The 2012 edition of Reggaeville's FESTIVILLE magazine is out now!
Again we provide a comprehensive list of Festivals from June - September 2012!
138pages filled with festivals and a massive magazine part with interviews, reviews, etc..

Read and download it @

Cedella Marley
Jimmy Cliff
Anthony B
Martin Zobel & Fully Fullwood
Clive Chin
Kareem Burrell
Jesse Royal
Copeland Forbes...
...with a preview of his upcoming book 'Reggae My Life Is' titled "The African Experience - Peter Tosh's First Visit To The Motherland"

Enjoy it and spread the word!

you can also embed the magazine on your website or blog. get the code @

Thanks for your support.

Julian Schmidt 

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