Thursday, June 21, 2012

Savage Box Chase Cross At Weddy Weddy

The beef between members of the Mavado lead Gully Squad and other members who left the camp is still not settled. Gullyside member Chase Cross and former Gully member Savage had an altercation at last night’s Weddy Weddy party in Kingston.

“A pure badword mi hear and then thump and box start fly,” the source said.
This morning Savage posted details of the altercation on his Facebook fan page.
“Mi jus affi punch B*tty boy chace cross ina I’m face a try move 2 mi n Flex a wedywedy p*ssy a talk bout man a diss gully god s*ck unu mada we a bad people all wen a 4 a wi n 16 a unu all now non a mi dog dem no get a scratch tump ina face n Bottle dem get dem rush we n get shell dung 2 bl*dclart.”

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