Friday, May 25, 2012

Bounty Killer says ...'I didn't diss any artiste' - Beenie apologised for money

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer has dismissed claims by Beenie Man that Jamaican artistes will witness an increase in overseas shows because of the recent video footage showing remorse for his previous lyrics bashing the gay community.

The deejay said that if put in a similar position, he would never have apologised. Dancehall music, the deejay said, has helped significantly to maintain the country's stance on homosexuality and artistes must not divert from that regardless of the financial motivation it brings.

"Me can't ever put a dollar over Jamaica and its culture. If it wasn't for dancehall and its culture I don't know where or who I'd be today. Mi nuh sorry fi nothing that I said or sang, I am sorry to know it offended anybody but that's how I see it. My views and beliefs, all I can say is that homosexuals fi stop try ban we shows and dancehall must leave dem alone to God still and let peace reign," he said.
The deejay further said that he believes Beenie Man's act was motivated by money.

"When since a money control Jamaicans' morals? Leave the gold and save unuh souls. It no look good," he added.

He said he believes there was no need for an apology as for the last couple of years no tracks released by any dancehall artiste has instructed violence on to any groups.

offended or hurt anyone

"What are you apologising for? You don't apologise for what you sincerely believe in. You can only regret if it offended or hurt anyone," he said.

Bounty, who recently came back from a two-and-a-half week European tour, said he's pleased with dancehall's progress overseas and that the music is still striving despite claims that it is dying fast.
"Every show mi go on went well. I don't see a reason to believe dancehall music is dying," he said.
The deejay also responded to a recent statement by Beenie that he (Bounty) performed in front of eight people, at a show in Amsterdam. This, according to Beenie Man, came after Bounty refused to perform before him.

"How eight people fi lef inna venue out of 8,000 and a Bounty Killer ago perform? Yuh nuh see say Beenie Man a live in disillusion?" Killer said.

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