Friday, May 25, 2012

Munga, Chi Ching Ching, Gyptian form new dancehall group


Munga Honourable, Gyptian, and Chi Ching Ching have collaborated to form a new dancehall group called GMC and have premiered their debut collaboration 'Anywhere We Go'. According to dancer and slang artiste Chi Ching Ching, the group is about good music and unity.

"GMC stands for Good Music Corporation. the unity is there and we are making good moves. I'm breaking off into the music, and since I have teamed up with Gyptian and Munga, I got better. When three powerhouse combine, that's a good force. We are keeping it as cool as possible and nobody nuh act like dem bigger than nuhbody, so the vibe is good," Chi Ching Ching said.

Munga also commented on the newly formed group saying its creation was a natural process.
"The group was formed from a natural base. me, Gyptian and Chi Ching Ching record at the same studio seven days of the week and we are on most of the same rhythms. Our initials, 'GMC', form a good moniker, so we decided to go with it as the group name," Munga said.

Munga said that musical though groups have been a part of dancehall since the '90s, he believes that GMC brings a formula that has never been exercised by dancehall.

"Chi Ching Ching is a 'slangtionary', Gyptian is a soulful artiste, and I bring the hardcore dancehall element with a Yankee flow. So the combination is different. it's just different. this has never been done in dancehall," Munga said.

GMC has already recorded a single called Anywhere We Go, which is expected to be popular in the summer, and according to Munga, the reception has already been good.

"We did Anywhere We Go under a particular joy, so people are going to get that same joy when they listen the song. The single was made for the summer, and based on the reception, it appears that it will be a summer hit. A few selectors already premiered it, and in coming weeks, it will be officially released islandwide," Munga said.

GMC is gearing up to shoot the music video for Anywhere We Go and has already recorded a follow-up, which will be produced by Chimney records.

Munga also said that GMC could be booked through Headline Entertainment and Supa Hype's 007 Records.

"The fans should look forward to more good music from Supa Hype, Munga, Chi Ching Ching, Gyptian, and the whole Slap Wey team," Munga said.

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