Friday, May 18, 2012

Vybz Kartel and Corey Todd explain nature of rift, reunion

Incarcerated Dancehall mega star, Vybz Kartel and prominent American businessman, Corey Todd are apparently back in business and have offered explanations regarding their highly publicized split almost a year ago.

 On Monday, reports confirmed that the long-time business partners would reunite after agreeing to a business deal which involves reviving the Street Vybz Rum brand which became a highly popular entity between 2009 and 2011. During their association, Kartel and Todd also created the Vybz Rum brand, Daggering Condoms and later co-owned operations at the Building (now Club Riddim) where they birthed the Street Vybz Thursdays and Inclusive Saturdays party series.

However, Kartel and Todd’s partnership fizzled last May after the American businessman alleged that the Portmore Empire deejay threatened him while alleging that Kartel wasn’t fully committed to their business ventures. Now, nearly nine months after Vybz Kartel was arrested and later charged with murder, drug and obstruction of justice related charges in separate cases, the internationally acclaimed artiste and Todd have settled their differences in order to re-ignite their once successful alliance.
In a statement, Todd revealed that he and Kartel started talking back to each other shortly after the deejay’s incarceration.

“We started communicating shortly after his incarceration; it was our intention not to make this public knowledge until his release however we can no longer patiently wait for that day. I wish be a voice that will help bring forth his freedom because I can attest his only guilt is association,” he said.
With regards to why he and Kartel split, Todd insists that this came down to the people around the self-proclaimed ‘Worl’ Boss,’ but also relents that their strong personalities clashed as time elapsed.

“The associates that led to his incarceration are the same associates that cause our partnership to end at the time, but I must add that our egos also clashed. His arrest had a humbling effect on me and caused me to reflect on my own actions. I then lost interest in my present projects and made artistes involved aware that I wish discontinue, this around November,” he said.
Meanwhile, in a statement said to be from Kartel, he echoed Todd’s sentiment, stating that the rift between them was based on miscommunication while admitting that the American entrepreneur was one of his closest friends.

“What happened between me and Corey was just a misunderstanding. Truth be told I really had some negative elements around me, that bad mind me and Corey partnership because of its success. At the time I was too caught up being world boss to realize I was destroying one of realest friendships I ever had. Being in here made me realize that we did achieve greatness together… after all if a neva fi Corey and Kartel STREET VYBZ woulda never buss in people head and Building would a never Buck pon a Saturday,” he said.

In a letter to his fans sent through his common-law wife, Tanesha ‘shorty’ Johnson, Kartel assured them that he and Todd’s reunion will reap several benefits.

“Gaza fans just get ready fi start clubbing it and rummin it. Right now, this reunion bigga than the north and south after the civil war…The business mogul and the dancehall star…Awoh!”

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