Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Natural Black tells Assassin-'Mine You Own Business'

Agent Sasco, also known as Assassin, seems to be the target of one more artiste's lyrical shots.
Singer Natural Black has released a song titled Mine You Own Business, which he says is aimed at Assassin.

 "From mi trim mi locks, dem interested inna me. Mi nuh know how my name reach inna him mouth. Mi just want a man know say dem need fi avoid my name. Dem caan swing pon my name like a iron gate," Natural Black told THE STAR.

Natural Black, in referring to the lyrics in Assassin's controversial single Bun Freaky Ras, said that he believes that a section of the song is directed at him because of his recent decision to trim his locks.
In the song, Assassin deejays:
'Tell the yute dem nuh bleach and stay naturally black/you haffi firm inna the Gideon, don't trim your locks/Yea we know say everybody a pree the cash/but u nuh haffi sell out if you want reach the top'
In Natural Black's counteraction titled Mine You Own Business, he deejays:
'Agent Sasco a informer/The said one you fraida - Mr Palmer/Mortima Hardly a bigger drama/Yow a death before dishonour/... you only buss through you connections/So you need fi make you corrections/One bag a lyrics and one bag a song/Caan run the place - sumn wrong.'
When THE STAR questioned Natural Black about the feedback to his song, the artiste said he did not know.

"Mi nuh have no time fi pay attention to that. I'm all about my work. People a look out fi di new song dem, so mi just a make more dancehall hits," he said.
Natural Black went on to say that he has not spoken to Assassin since the release of the song.
"When lyrical war a gwaan, nobody nah pree confrontation. A the one weh have the most argument win. Mi have argument caan done. If mi chose fi do anything wid my locks, that a my decision. Assassin need fi mine him own business," he said.

Natural Black says he is also working on a new album called Angry Black Serpent,which will be released soon.

Source:The star

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