Friday, March 19, 2010

Internet scam affects Jah Cure - Money collected under false pretence for dubs, shows

Continuing on a disturbing trend, reggae artiste Jah Cure was a victim of an online scam recently.

His publicist Robert Nesta Morgan said the fraud was detected last week after Jah Cure's manager Delmar 'Della Danger' Drummond received a call.

"Delmar noticed it last week when a promoter from Belize called him asking for the dub that he paid for. Delmar was shocked. He told them to notify the police," Morgan told .

He said the perpetrator has been using the social networking website, Facebook, to collect money illegally. Morgan said the crook directed persons wishing to get dubplates, jingles, general info and 45s or make bookings to, which is an email address that does not belong to Jah Cure.

"Dubs are very expensive and can cost as much as J$1.3 million (US$15,000) depending on the artiste. We know of one person so far. We don't know who else might have been a victim 'cause nobody else has approached us," Morgan said.

"Nothing like this has ever happened with Jah Cure before. All we can do is go to the police. We can't refund what we didn't take."

Since the incident, Drummond, who is also the CEO of Danger Zone Music Group, has issued a statement via his Facebook page.

victim to impersonation

In it he said: "Please note that the Facebook page that uses the email address,, is a fraud page. It has been brought to my attention that the scammers on this page are trying or have collected monies from potential clients of mine. Please 'only' Danger Zone management or Sobe Ent, along with Caribbean Ent, are authorised to handle Jah Cure's bookings. My sincerest apologies to whomever has fallen victim to this scam."

Morgan said an email was sent to the Facebook owners yesterday reporting the incident. And, the page also disappeared late yesterday evening.

Selector Foota Hype also fell victim to impersonation on Facebook only last month. The person on his fake profile seemed to be collecting money and was also causing other problems.

"I have received calls from foreign, weh people a ask me bout how mi a look dem woman pan Facebook, people calling me bout how must I be putting disrespectful comments about dem on my Facebook page, which I have no idea about because I have no Facebook profile," he told

But Jah Cure and Foota Hype are just the latest victims of Internet fraud. Last year, Twin of Twins and Laden suffered a similar fate on another social networking website, Myspace.

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