Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jamaica Observer cartoonist Clovis is at it again, with another controversial cartoon that targets the dancehall community. His latest below, was featured in today’s Chat magazine. It shows a murder scene outside “Dutty Mouth Recording Studio”, with a policeman and an area resident conversing about “criminal DJs”. Although it makes no specific reference to Vybz Kartel’s Portmore Empire, it is clear the reference is to this crew, as a road sign in the cartoon says “Kirk Avenue, Havendale”, which just happens to be the location of the Exodus recording studio that’s frequented by the Portmore Empire crew. Ironically, the murder which the cartoon presumably references, did not happen in the immediate vicinity of the recording studio, and is said to be unrelated to happenings there.

Adijah Palmer was ridiculed in an insensitive and tasteless cartoon by Clovis: a graphic bleached figure implying effeminate, gay rape in prison. All because of bleaching. If this had been a woman, human rights would have pounced on the issue. Sadly, male rape or rape in prison has little traction here. What's the problem with bleaching? Is it damaging to health as cigarettes, ganja, or liquor? How many are killed by men under the influence of bleaching? How many die of bleaching overdose? We spend millions each year to treat the effects of smoking and alcohol - emphysema, lung cancers, etc, rescuing families and DUI victims. Where is the media blitz to stop them? Cartoons ridiculing prominent smokers or alcoholics? We gorge on junk food, we inhale and ingest noxious substances - who cares? But bleaching gets us going. Why? The public health impact is not that of smoking and alcohol; "death by bleaching" is not here, yet it provokes venom that killer substances do not. Why?

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