Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Law against sagging pants?

It might be cliché to say ‘things could be worst’, but that is truly the only thought that comes to mind when I think about passing a law against sagging pants. I think that there are much more important issues plaguing our island of Jamaica than men wearing their pants in a particular way.
While I am not a supporter of the trend, I would rather the expertise of the police be put to much more significant use. The crime rate is out of control with murder, larceny and gang related activities becoming an everyday occurrence. Forgive me if you do not agree, but I would certainly feel better if the police were out on the streets trying to stem the increase in crime, than wasting their valuable manpower in challenging men who feel the need to dress with their pants falling to their knees.
I don’t know if I am being foolish, but I believe that a person’s way of dressing does not necessarily make them criminals. Furthermore, if we are to agree to pass a law against sagging pants, then other modes of dressing also need to be considered. For instance, extremely short shorts and skirts on females could probably fall under the title of inappropriate or improper ways of dressing.
Therefore, I am of the opinion that passing such a law would unnecessarily open a can of worms on a subject that is not essentially an urgent issue. Do you think such a law is relevant? Do you believe that it is an important issue? Have your say…

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  1. No man no wear sag pants a jamaica