Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flippa denies 'flossing' to get forwards

Mi just want di people dem fi know seh mi nah fi throw weh nuh money inna crowd fi get forwards, because mi have mi talent," Flippa Mafia told  after his high-energy performance at Follow Di Arrow at James Bond Beach, St Mary, on Saturday night. His remarks comes on the heels of disgruntled remarks from some patrons who audibly expressed their desire for a more money-infused performance.
"Dem seh if mi nuh dash weh money, mi nah guh done di place and mi performance nah guh good, suh mi a show sey dem wrong because mi can duh mi ting," he said. "I am a happy person so, therefore, mi just go out fi enjoy myself and mi cyaa stop people from talk. If yuh do good dem a guh talk and if yuh bad dem a guh talk."
Since flossing his way on to the music scene in December 2008, the Waterhouse native has attracted a lot of positive, and even more profoundly negative, attention to his signature move of tossing copious amounts of money into the audience during his performances.
During his performance at the show, female patrons could be seen slowly advancing towards the stage, evidently fuelled by the supposition that the 'Flossing King' was going to make thousands of dollars rain on them in the early Sunday morning.
"Mi a guh up a di front caw him a guh dash weh money," one female patron was heard saying as she made her way towards the stage. After realising that she was waiting for the shower of money in vain she retreated to her initial spot with disappointment etched in her face as she said: "Him nah guh dash weh nuh money."
commendable performance
Even without the added perks of his money-tossing gimmick, Flippa gave a commendable performance, to the delight of the patrons, while splashing the stage with the contents of a bottle of Moet.
"Mi feel like dat a mi best performance, because mi gi di people dem something different, mi never dash weh nuh money and di fans dem did give me crazy forwards," Flippa said smiling.
"There was a point when mi touch mi back pocket and mi hear di ladies dem scream and mi did tempted fi throw money because money did inna mi pocket, but Ennis an di police dem did beg mi nuh fi dash weh nuh money because it would cause stampede an ting," Flippa added.
One disgruntled male patron gave his own reasoning as to why Flippa did not throw away any money.
"Flippa dash weh all a him money, him bruk (laughs), recession tek him!" he shouted.
In response to this, Flippa told : "Mi cyaa stop him from talk, a fi him opinion. Mi far from bruk!" said a confident Flippa. "Mi an Ennis (promoter) did have a meeting an mi suggested that instead a dash weh di money mi fi donate it to a worthy cause, so a dat mi duh."
When  contacted show promoter Dexton Ennis he confirmed Flippa's claim.
"Flippa tell mi seh him nah charge mi to perform a mi show, but ask mi fi gi him money fi throw weh inna di crowd an mi tell him no because I am giving a part of the proceeds to the St Mary Infirmary. And it woulda betta to donate the money to a worthy cause," Ennis said. "Suh Flippa did like di idea and we both put $50,000 each together that will be donated to the infirmary."

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