Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kartel in sex photo - Artiste claims he lost phone in Negril

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel is claiming that he lost his mobile phone, leading to the unauthorised release of pictures with two women performing oral sex on him.
"I lost my BlackBerry, the rest is history," the Portmore Empire-boss told  yesterday, noting that the phone was lost while he was in Negril.
The first two pictures came to the fore about 6 a.m. yesterday morning. Since then, they have been circulating on the Internet, especially on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. In those pictures, a woman with a tongue piercing holds his member as they both look into the camera. The woman is light-skinned and has a tattoo on her left shoulder.
blonde and red wig
Afterwards, received two other pictures, one with the previous woman, who is now at a different angle, and another picture with a different woman. This next female is dark-skinned, has a pierced nose and is wearing a blonde and red wig. But in these two latest photos Vybz Kartel's face cannot be seen.
When asked how he feels about pictures of this nature being in the public domain, Vybz Kartel said, "mi vex how dem out but it's already out there and blowing up the net. Unfortunately, it can't be recalled."
He also spoke about the picture on his Twitter page, responding to questions raised from his fans. "Why should these photos cause such chaos when everyone an dem mumma kno that Vybz Kartel is the "2Live Luke" of dancehall. Haven't they been listening to my lyrics all these years?," said the artiste who explicitly sings about oral sex in songs like Go Go Club, Wine Pon Yuh and Tek.
Since the release of the pictures, Vybz Kartel said he has been in contact with the women, who he refers to as his 'friends'. He said they are angry that the pictures have been exposed.
But when asked how he feels they will affect the women, he said, "nobody knows them. I'm the one being affected 'cause my face can't hide."
Only late last year, the artiste now known as Lisa Hyper a former member of Kartel's Empire was seen in a photograph performing oral sex on a man.


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