Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vybz Kartel - "We have to respect the decision of the Prime Minister"

Following weeks of public debate and high profile media coverage, Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson announced yesterday that the Vybz Kartel/Mavado unity concert - scheduled for tomorrow - has been officially canceled.
PM Thompson is quoted in the Barbados Advocate as saying: "...I am happy to announce that in deference to the expressed wishes and the anxieties of a wide cross section of Barbadians, that the organizers of the Vybz Kartel/Mavado show and the Youth Forum have agreed to the revamping of initiatives resulting in the cancellation of this weekend's activities."
Dancehall Deejay Vybz Kartel offers the following statement:
"It is very unfortunate that the government in Barbados would cancel a show with two of the most influential Dancehall artists, especially a show promoting peace and unity amongst school children who take the whole Gaza/Gully phenomenon out of proportion. But we have to respect the decision of the Prime Minister -- ultimately he has the well being of the nation at the center of his agenda. I am saddened that we could not perform for our anxious Barbadian fans who would have turned out in the thousands for this historic event."

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  1. kartel a de ereal big man in de business