Sunday, March 21, 2010

I-Maroon beaten for dub

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Reggae singer I-Maroon is indeed 'salt', as he was severely beaten in Portland on Thursday night because of his unwillingness to do some dubplates for a group of men.

The artiste, whose real name is Barrington Dixon, said he visited Charles Town in the parish to do some recording at a studio. But before reaching the location, he parked his car to walk along a path to go to the studio.

bully attitude

"On the way mi buck a portion a yute and dem a seh, I-Maroon mi a beg yuh a dubplate'. I tell dem that I willing to give everybody a special but dem at least have to buy back my gas. But the bully attitude mek mi walk off," said the Mi Salt singer.

He said he went to the studio, did his business and left at midnight. With some car trouble, I-Maroon said he proceeded to fix the vehicle when a man on a bike tried to bully him.

Eventually, he got into his car and tried to leave but was stopped by the man, who now had company.

"Di man hold on pon mi and drag mi out of the car. Dem hold mi by mi locks and draw off mi turban. Half hour straight di man a beat mi fa. Is like mi see death," I-Maroon told 

Surrender to escape

"After him beat mi breathless, a couple man hold him and tell mi fi get inna mi car. I get chest, hand and knee injury. So much injury that I can't even walk more than the normal."

While being beaten, he said he was afraid to retaliate because there were more than a dozen men there. "I just surrender to escape. If I never do that, I wouldn't deh here today," he said.

But I-Maroon said he was more than thankful that he was still alive.

"I give thanks to know that I am alive. I neva know I could get so much beating from people I don't even know. Di man vex and almost kill me off. Dem pop out all one strand a mi locks. A just the Most High, Jah; save mi," he said.

After his horrific experience, I-Maroon reported the matter at the Buff Bay Police Station. And already, he says he has plans of putting his story into song.

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