Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Woman artistes clash for musical rise Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

Ikaya, Lisa Hyper -
With the Mavado and Vybz Kartel rivalry aside, it seems female artistes have taken up the mantle, as many of them have been clashing each other in recent times.
Lisa Hyper can be credited for getting many females involved with her song, Sting Aftermath. In the song, she called the names of Spice, Pamputtae, Ikaya, Ishawna, Stacious, Baby Tash, Tifa and Timberlee. Spice responded in Draw Mi Out, but went no further.
Since then, there was the clash between Lisa Hyper and Queen Paula at 'The Settlement', which was held at Links, St Thomas, last month. Ikaya and Macka Diamond threw words at each other. And, there was also some tension between Face and Queen Paula.
"For me, clashing was not deliberate, but mi refuse fi stand aside and mek everybody chew pon mi name like Wrigleys. With everything there is competition," Lisa Hyper told  before going on set to shoot the video for Trust.
"Di woman dem neva did a gwaan wid nutten and from mi draw dem out, everybody start gwaan good. From mi draw dem out everybody have a new song a play pon radio now. I'm doing them a favour."
Newcomer Ikaya believes the time has come for the female artistes to show that they are just as strong as the men in the music business.
"They are just letting you know that not only the men can do certain things. Just showing that we are versatile as well. The females are pushing out now and doing their thing," she said.
Like Ikaya, Face believes the women are merely showing their abilities.
"It's just for making money or uplifting our thing. Let the business know that is not only the men have potential," she said, noting that she is ready for any clash that is thrown at her. Face has new songs like Unruly and Nah Give Up. She will also be shooting the video for Gummy Grippy next week in Los Angeles.
Seasoned and well-known entertainment figure, Stampede, said the female artistes also want their share of the cake. Hence, he said, many of them see clashing as a way to get that.
"Di woman dem seh dem need fi get recognise by any means necessary. Woman stop sell themself to producer, a clash dem a clash it out now," he told 
He also said some women start rivalries in order to get their names in the media. Making reference to the launch of Follow Di Arrow, he said, "Queen Paula talk the things dem and she get recognition same time."
Queen Paula, who is known as a clash artiste, said she was drawn back into clashing when words were thrown at her by Lisa Hyper and Face late last year. She said she used to think most women clash, in order to get the level of attention that male artistes get. But this is no longer her position.
"I feel seh some a dem, a di songs draw dem out. People a call dem name and dem just want to defend themselves. It create a hype and dem mek money from it. It mek show come in and it give you publicity," she told us
"Before me even know Ikaya, a hear mi hear har name inna one a di song dem. Di hype mek all dem song start play."
Meanwhile, Lisa Hyper seems to be on a warpath and she already has her next rival in mind.
"Yuh can look out fi a clash between me and Ikaya. Mi a give har piece a di hype. By next week, yuh can hear songs with both of us. She a beg fi di war," Lisa Hyper said.
Ikaya hinted at nothing of that sort. Instead, she said, "In order to have a clash, you have to have a competitor and I haven't seen any."
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