Monday, April 26, 2010


Days after being released from jail, Bounty Killer recorded a song with fellow deejay Elephant Man, their first collaboration in more than a decade.

Elephant Man said he wrote a song for ZJ Chrome's 'Mad Collab' rhythm but "Chrome seh Elephant, you can't do it alone".

So, according to Ele, when Bounty Killer was released from jail, he contacted him to do the collaboration.
Bounty Killer was granted bail two Fridays ago after spending two weeks in lock-up for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.
While in New York last weekend, Elephant Man said he called Bounty Killer and sang the song, which he described as both party and gangster.
After returning to Jamaica last Sunday, Elephant Man said contact was again made.

Eventually, the song, This Is How We Do It, was recorded last Tuesday.
"We do it and a di baddest thing inna di streets now. It's a new era in music. This kinda calm down di situation a way. Him come out and him gone pon the positive side," Elephant Man told , noting that he is pleased that Bounty Killer also went to church.
Ele is also happy that they are finally able to do a song together after many years of friendship.

"Fi know seh a Killer buss me and wi friendship stay so long that we can do a collab ... Yuh hear the love and the energy inna di song," he said.
"Fi me, this collaboration is important 'cause Killer come out of jail and me can be there for him as a friend. We just do a happy song and uplift the people dem wid a good collab," Ele added.

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