Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lockdown on dancehall artistes

Officials from Trinidad and Tobago recently announced that the government would not be allowing artistes whose lyrics perpetuate violence, to enter the country.

The announcement was made after a recent move to prevent deejay Blak Ryno from entering the country to perform at a show there.

In recent times, many Caribbean islands have made the move to bar Jamaican deejays, particularly those whose lyrics are violent, from performing at shows there. Most recently, deejay Vybz Kartel was denied a work permit in the island of St Lucia.
While dancehall fans may see these moves as attempts to stifle Jamaican music and culture, it can be argued that the heads of government and the police force in these islands are simply trying to prevent the chaos and terror they see in Jamaica from getting to their peaceful islands.

It is no secret that the lyrics of many dancehall artistes promote violence and gang warfare, and it is also obvious that the society is quite reflective of these violent lyrics. Why then should these people, who are, in essence, perpetuating violence, be allowed to spread their terror elsewhere? Quite frankly, if more countries were taking such actions, perhaps the artistes would be forced to clean up their music.

An artiste whose music is doing nothing to uplift the country or spread positive messages, needs to learn that such actions will not be tolerated.

It is only a pity that here at home, we have held these artistes as heroes while elsewhere the fact that they add no value to society is quite obvious to others.


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